Residents (age four and up) of Macomb Public Library District are eligible for a free library card. Please see our library card requirements and policies below for the application process.

If you live outside the Macomb Public Library District but within the Macomb Area School District (for example, the Meadowbrook or Georgetown subdivisions), full library use privileges will be granted for a nonresident fee of $60 annually per family, or $30 for six months.

Each family member must complete a registration form. Please see our library card requirements and policies for the application process.

If you live outside the Macomb Area School District, you may be able to get a library card at another public library. Current library cards from all other Illinois public libraries may be used at the Macomb Public Library. Some local school districts and their corresponding libraries include:

If you live in this district

Apply for a card at this library

Schuyler CUSD Rushville Public Library
West Prairie Blandinsville-Hire District Library or
Colchester District Library
Southeastern CUSD Greater West Central Library District
(locations in Augusta, Bowen, Golden, Littleton & Plymouth)

Please contact the appropriate library for more information on their card application process.

Persons living outside of the Macomb Public Library District boundaries who are taxpayers upon district property are entitled to the same privileges as a district resident. A current tax receipt will be required upon application for a card. Only one individual card will be issued per tax receipt. Please see our library card requirements and policies for the application process.

Out-of-town students who are only in Macomb for the school year also have the option of using their current public library card from their hometown in Illinois to check out items from the Macomb Public Library. Present your library card and a photo ID the first time you come in, then just bring your library card anytime afterward to check out items.

Out-of-town students who are currently residing in Macomb Public Library District boundaries and are attending Western Illinois University or Spoon River College will be issued a “school year” student card after filling out an application form and showing a picture ID and proof of address, as described in the library card requirements below. The expiration date of these cards will be at the end of each semester but can be renewed upon address verification. Please see our library card requirements and policies for the application process.

Macomb Public Library District Map

Many thanks to the Western Illinois University GIS Center for preparing this map.

  • If you live in the green color, you are in the Macomb Public Library District.
  • If you live in the white area or outside the area included on the map, you are outside the Macomb Public Library District.

Click on the map for a larger view of the map.

Library Card Requirements and Policies

All library card applicants (resident, nonresident, taxpayer, and student) must present the following to receive a card:

Adult Card (Ages 16 and over)

  • Present two (2) forms of identification:
    1. One with a picture; some examples include a driver's license, student ID, passport, or military ID.
    2. One with current address; some examples include a utility bill, checkbook, lease agreement, voter registration card, FOID, STARS account (WIU students), or Skyward account (Macomb High Students).
  • Fill out registration form, including telephone number.
  • Provide reference – alternate contact address and telephone number of someone who lives at a separate address.

Children's Card (Ages 4-15)

  • Co-signer (parent or guardian, with completed registration card).
  • Co-signer must supply all adult information above.
  • All children’s cards are kept at the main desk.
  • Children may use all library services.

General Library Card Policies

  • Library materials are only checked out to the person present at the checkout desk. Library cards cannot be shared.
  • First time users are limited to three (3) items for checkout.
  • All registration information is confidential and not shared with other organizations or inquiries.
  • Lost cards may be replaced for $1.00.
  • Worn or damaged cards may be replaced at no charge.